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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is typically the back bone of medium and large corporations and businesses. As can be seen in the diagram below, all core business functions are taken care of by the ERP. Data transaction capability and visibility is available across the company through intranet or across divisions through VPN and extranets.

But when it comes to transactional capability or data visibility to outside stakeholders like Distributors, Retailers, Vendors, Roving Sales Representatives and others, ERP falls short. Some negatives are:
Internet based logins for transacting not available in some ERPs
Even when available, cost is prohibitive if one considers hundreds or thousands of customers and vendors seeking access
Web-based interfaces provided by ERPs are still only basic in nature, and do not provide the intuitive and attractive user interfaces that a Web specialist company like eBiz can

eBiz Global Corp has solutions that can seamlessly interface with ERP to bring benefits, including following:

Drastically reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of software including AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contract)
Reduction in clerical head count because outside stakeholders like distributors, retailers and vendors enter orders, shipping notifications, invoices and such directly on the eBiz web interface from where they are imported into ERP
Reduction in customer service head count due to the fact that eBiz's web interface provides complete visibility of ERP data like orders, invoices, delivery notes, shipments, GRNs and such to customers and distributors. This automatically means no more repetitive phone calls, faxes and emails to answer.
Customers and Suppliers alike will be delighted that it is easier than ever to do business with you and can access all information relevant to them 24*7 over the web from anywhere

ERP Interfacing Solutions